I recently came across Ezekiel Paul who’s a bag maker, I discovered he has an interesting story as a person so I asked if he would like to share it with the world, he said he’d love to so we decided to squeeze everything into this 3 minutes documentary. Livelens Studios is a Documentary Film-making and photography company based in Abuja, Nigeria with the vision of bringing people’s story to limelight.

This is the story about the amazing work that Community Outreach for Educational Change (COEC) is doing at Pisabu, Kebbi State.

This story is about a boy whose dreams and many others were made to come through when he came in contact with a lady while begging. Here, I was opportune produce short video contents to fuse together with images created by Documentary Photographer Kc Nwakalor for an NGO Flexisaf Foundation.

In 2004, the Universal Basic Education ACT was passed into law in other to provide children with Free and Compulsory Education for nine years. However, due to the increasing number of out of school children there’s need to extend the scheme to accommodate children through senior secondary as many of them are unable to complete their education due to school fees and other related issues. Connected Development has embarked on the campaign to stress the need for the Federal Government to act fast in Amending the UBE ACT