We all have these shades in our nature; it’s a spectrum within all of us.  Johnny Flynn

Learning that life is what we make of it, I realized that if you don’t have a defined answer, you may keep drifting around, and there’s no way you will ride the currents of chaos. So, I began the quest to unlock my inner voice, part of what I chose to do was to discover and embrace the shadow part of me. I started looking into my past asking questions about my early childhood and development. I have fond memories of growing up in the midst of friends and plenty of playmates and it’s amazing thinking back and seeing how far we’ve come and chosen our various parts, this has further strengthen my belief that early childhood has a way of influencing or shaping one’s future. Research suggests that personality types are also influenced by biological processes and needs.

Through this series of portraits I sort to discover and connect to my past. I went to the kids they’re my first point of practically seeing who I was because I have a thing with children, we’re always friends and connect easily no matter where. But then my eyes were open to even more, I saw different personalities that are being communicated in single one of them (playful, shyness, timidity, withdrawn, quarrelsome, clever, daring aggressive, stubborn, outspoken, emotional, brutal etc) and these has the power to influence and shape the future. The attributes (facial expression) of each child in this series describes a trait and it differs from person to personal.